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At Universal Business Insurance, we have established solid relationships with a select number of proven surety providers. Those sureties are stable, responsive and well versed in the unique needs and complexities of the construction industry. Our relationships with these respected sureties afford us unsurpassed flexibility in creating successful client bond programs. Because of the concentrated premium volume we place in these few select markets, we are consistently one of the top producing agencies in our region with our three largest sureties.


UBI’s strong reputation and service are our most precious assets. With this in mind, all new bonding accounts are thoroughly reviewed by our highly experienced bond team. This ensures that new bonding prospects meet the same high standards that we set for our current clients. Our attention to detail, in combination with our high level of quality service enhance the bonding potential of our clients, protect our valued customers, and strengthen our position with our sureties.


As a regional bonding leader, a significant percentage of our accounts extend outside a 100 mile radius of Salt Lake City. UBI’s regional clients also enjoy the benefits of UBI’s influential bond program, reporting both timely and personalized professional service, despite the distance.


It is our opinion that a surety program should be designed and surety providers selected based on their ability to be innovative and responsive to each client’s particular needs and goals. This can include increased job capacity, increased aggregates, and specialty requests. At UBI we have the relationships, experience, and creativity to provide your company with a solid and productive surety program.

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