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The founders of Universal Business Insurance (UBI) represent over 100 years of experience in all lines of insurance, across all industries, ranging from large, complex commercial risks to small family-owned operations. The original founders are still actively involved in UBI’s success.


UBI was formed out of a core commitment to excellence, to serve our customers with integrity, and to secure and procure for them the very best and appropriate insurance coverage for their insurance needs. Brokers and agents to the world’s largest and most respected insurance companies, UBI represents a wealth of expertise and experience and brings to the marketplace a level of service and dedication that is simply unsurpassed.


At UBI, our philosophy is based on a desire for sustainable long term growth for our business as well as yours. We are Certified Risk Architects, and we provide tools for insight, planning, and maintenance of your company’s unique risks with custom designed insurance products.


It’s more than insurance to us. UBI agrees that the design and procurement of insurance is essential; however, we do not see insurance as the only component of a trusted, long-lasting and mutually profitable relationship. UBI goes Beyond Insurance to build caring relationships with our clients and design programs for risk containment, that allow our clients the benefit of an outsourced risk manager.


We not only have local professionals, but also belong to the Beyond Insurance Global Network, in which we are able to reach out to professional Risk Architects across the country. With 62 partner agencies, writing over 2 billion in premiums, the Beyond Insurance Global Network is the 4th largest insurance network in the United States. Our organization has a panel of subject matter experts who can advise and help design specific programs for your risk and industry needs. Our local and national specialists help by reducing risk proactively and ensure the correct coverage solutions that will achieve your goals and bring you peace of mind. At UBI, we will take you Beyond Insurance. Whatever it takes, we get the job done right with the utmost level of professionalism.


The hallmark of UBI is service and dedication. We take great care and pride in taking care of our customers’ needs. That explains why we enjoy such an incredible retention rate among our insureds. With our personal approach we implement the appropriate solution with the utmost professionalism.

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