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What is the Select Business Unit?

We understand the unique needs of the small business owner who often takes on many different roles, on any given day. We help to simplify the process of procuring insurance as your outsourced risk manager. You need comprehensive coverage that protects your business while you attend to daily operations. Our department is aimed at helping these selected businesses, whether newly established or pre-existing, to reach their maximum potential. Our goal is helping you succeed. To do this we have selected specific insurance carriers who are extremely competitive while offering broad coverages and excellent claims service. Our staff is specifically trained to respond quickly and efficiently.


Does my company fit into the Select Business Unit?

At UBI the Select Business Unit will help you identify key indicators that classify the correct program placement. The indicators are based on: Number of Employees, Payroll, Receipts, and the current premium you are paying. All of this can be submitted directly to us online, over the phone or by fax.


How does the Select Business Unit work?

If your company fits into our Select Business category, we offer a broad selection of coverages at competitive prices. As part of our commitment we strive to turn around proposals within 48 hours of receiving all the necessary information from you. You can expect a call from one of our insurance professionals within 24 hours to confirm we have received your submission and to follow up on any additional information we will need as it pertains to your particular business needs.


How do I get started?

To start the process, please click on the “Request a Risk Evaluation” button below and submit your information for quick and reliable service.

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