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At UBI Health Solutions we offer World-class employee benefits with a personal touch.


What makes Universal Business Insurance your best choice for full-service employee benefits and risk management solutions? Unlike most of today’s distant, impersonal, and numbers-driven providers, we always take the time to understand the unique needs and requirements of your business. We’ll work closely with you to design a complete and compliant customized solution that perfectly meets those requirements and we’ll do whatever it takes to build and maintain a healthy, productive, long-term relationship with your organization.


Let Us Help You Take Better Care of Your Employees

How can you offer your employees the benefits they deserve—especially in the face of constantly rising healthcare costs and compliance? It’s a difficult question, and we are ready to help you find the answers. At Universal Business Insurance, we take the time to form a close, productive relationship with your business. We make the extra effort to understand the details and nuances of your organization and we offer a broader and more diverse range of benefit plans and options than larger brokers, including innovative partially self-funded health plans. Find out how our unique personalized approach, together with our knowledgeable people and flexible offerings, puts us in the best position to deliver complete, affordable, and customized employee benefits solutions for your business.


UBI Health Solutions team has over 35 years of successful benefit strategies.

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